Conference Day Two

Thursday April 25, 2024

8:15 am Registration & Coffee

9:15 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Fatah Kashanchi Professor & Director - Laboratory of Molecular Virology, George Mason University

Characterizing Exosomes for Standardization & Reliability of Future Use

9:30 am Understanding How to Characterize a Heterogenous Population of Exosomes for Successful Clinical Applications


  • Discussing successful and unsuccessful control strategies and how this can inform future directions
  • Evaluating the best strategy to characterize small and large exosomes and the type of vesicle
  • Understanding exosome content will be critical to understand signalling of exosomes and understanding how they function

10:00 am Creating More Focus on Exosome Proteins & the Logistical Path to Differentiating Exosomes

  • Carla Mazzeo Director - Research & Development, AT Venture Center


  • After isolating and quantifying pure batches of exosomes, understand differentiation for best effective usage
  • Creating the standard for the proteins attached to the exosomes which help identify them
  • Equally, identify contaminants and gaps which are causing error or negative data to inform future studies

10:30 am Morning Refreshments & Networking

Analyzing Exosome Cargo & Contents for Accurately Defined Functionality

11:00 am Critical Assessment of Biological Standards for Translational EV Flow Cytometry


  • Discussing this recent paper’s results and findings
  • Highlighting the key points of progression for both EV use and technological improvements
  • Analyzing potential for future study and what this means for therapeutic use

11:30 am Case Study: The Challenges Of The Innovative Exosomes-Based Therapies


  •  Highlighting the key advantages but also challenges of continuing development of exosome-based therapies
  • Understanding the regulatory pathway and why exosomes are not considered as ATMP
  • Learning how ExoBiologics became the first company authorized by the EMA for clinical trials of MSC derived exosomes

12:00 pm Lunch & Networking

Advancing Analytical Technologies for Regulatory Considerations

1:00 pm Reviewing the Current Technology Limitations & Potential for New Technologies


  • Highlighting limits of detection and quantification for specific cargo
  • Understanding why inconsistent sensitivity of technologies is still a significant hinderance in using exosomes
  • Discussing where gaps need to be filled in the current available technology to aid future study success

1:30 pm Session Reserved for NanoFCM


Details to be announced

1:30 pm Session Reserved for NanoFCM


  • Details to be announced.

1:45 pm Case Study: Recombinant Nanovesicles for Therapeutic & Vaccine Delivery

  • Hai-Yen Vu Sr Scientist, Head of Analytics, Versatope Therapeutics


  • Understanding advantages of using microbial nanovesicles for vaccines
  • Discovering better techniques analytical assays and characterization
  • Defining transferable methods for future studies

2:15 pm Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

Developing Standardization of Exosomes for Diagnostics, Therapeutics & Drug Delivery

3:00 pm Case Study: Inhaled Extracellular Vesicle Encapsulated RNA for Respiratory Disease Therapeutics


  • Discussing efficient delivery of the EVs directly to the site of interest
  • Developing accurate characterization and standardization of therapeutic EVs
  • Evaluating roadblocks with current analytical techniques for EV cargo quantification

3:30 pm Roundtable Discussion: Evaluating Exosomes Based Products for Diagnosis, Drug Delivery & Therapeutics


  • Understanding the advantages and limitations of engineering exosomes as therapeutics and as drug delivery vehicles
  • Linking engineering to the successful loading of cargo artificially
  • Enhancing future pipelines using comparison of results 

4:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Fatah Kashanchi Professor & Director - Laboratory of Molecular Virology, George Mason University

4:45 pm Close of Summit